“The Economist” magazine drew up a world classification of privately held, family run businesses and the Grazia Factory ranked 13th on the list.

Since 1500 the Grazia family has been committed to producing high quality majolica ceramics using time honored handicraft traditions passed down from generation to generation. The family prides itself on continuing these traditions in the production of modern day masterpieces. Some of these traditional designs are manufactured by other ceramic companies in Deruta but not all majolica is created equal. Grazia majolica is distinguished by its superior glazing which enhances the color and by the high skill of its painters to replicate time honored designs.

Five centuries of history

Grazia History

The majolica tradition in Deruta dates back to 1200, making Deruta one of the epicenters of majolica production in the world. The Grazia family began producing majolica in 1500, evidenced from documents and from Grazia’s original kilns situated within Deruta’s old town walls. […]

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the various steps of

Production Process

Majolica is fired clay dipped in a bath of glaze (metal oxides) covering the porous “terracotta” surface, then painted with metal oxide colors, sprayed with a glass varnish and finally fired for a second time.

Grazia is one of the few majolica factories which does the complete manufacturing cycle in-house.
The manufacturing process starts with clay bought in a raw state directly from the quarries surrounding Umbrian hills. […]

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Unique Quality

Why Grazia

Why Grazia?
Attention to details and artisans with delicate and expert hands that take as long as needed to create exceptional quality.
Handmade in every production step. Hand-painted with care and heart.
These are the reasons why!

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