A new e-commerce platform for the “Made in Italy”

A new e-commerce platform for the “Made in Italy”


Is a brand new website, launched at the beginning of 2016 and specifically aimed at the american market.

The core of the project is the celebration of the world renowned ‘italian creativity’ in all its forms.

Even nowdays, in a world that is constantly evolving and moving at a fast pace, Italian craftsmanship is always leading with its ability to evoke beauty and elegance. Safeguarding its rich history of tradition and culture, Italian artistry and design have achieved a unique style that has no comparison in the world.

Grazia Maioliche, with its longstanding tradition of excellence, has decided to collaborate with Italianology offering some of its most exclusive products, such as the Lustre pieces. The extremely complex lustre technique, dating back to the Renaissance, it’s a specific procedure of chromatic intervention on previously glazed objects which, during a third firing, gives them that unique iridescent effect.

Not just lustre pieces but wonderful decorative urns and other Grazia’s signature pieces are also available on Italianology, such as the beautiful decorative plaque depicting a detail of the fresco ‘Guidoriccio da Fogliano at Montemassi’s siege’ The original fresco, by the famous Italian painter Simone Martini, is located in the Mappamondo in Siena’s Public Palace. Our majolica reproduction is painted by our talented master painter, Riccardo Muti.

Alongside Grazia’s pieces, Italianology features a large selection of high-end Italian products, ranging from ceramics to all kinds of home decorative accessories. Italianology allows any potential customers to access a comprehensive selection of some of the best italian products, with just a mouse click.

The website, officially launched in the US, is planning to expand to other Countries soon. We at Grazia are also working to increase the possibilities to reach old and new customers, allowing them to purchase our product in a new and easier way.

Stay tuned!


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