Grazia History

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Five centuries of History

The majolica tradition in Deruta dates back to 1200, making Deruta one of the epicenters of majolica production in the world. 

The Grazia family began producing majolica in 1500, evidenced from documents and from Grazia’s original kilns situated within Deruta’s old town walls.

Historically, our most important clients were noble families, convents and the Church who began to use and sell our products to pilgrims visiting the tomb of Saint Francis in Assisi.

Today, we continue to supply private clients directly and supply some high-end specialty stores in many major American cities.
Umbria’s long-standing tradition of fine art is reflected in every Grazia product. Traditional majolica forms, with their ageless character, account for an important part of the production of the historic Grazia factory.

Safeguarding Tradition

The Grazia factory has always been a faithful curator of tradition, safeguarding designs created through five centuries. Even today we look for antique designs in museums or in private collections, to renew and refresh our production. Beyond the conscious commitment to keep this ancient art alive, the present Grazia generation also pursues a vigorous policy of innovation.

Past and present together

Alongside the classic collections, we have added modern lines created by international artists (primarily American) in order to render this ancient art contemporary.

Drawing on its traditional artistic talents, Grazia creates modern expressions of majolica which have become very popular, particularly in foreign markets like the United States where Grazia has been a successful exporter since the early 1900’s.

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Our Artists

Continuing the company’s tradition of collaborating with visiting artists from around the world Ubaldo Grazia continues to develop innovative techniques and contemporary designs to create products suiting the needs and lifestyles of todays discerning consumer.

Riccardo Muti
Riccardo Muti
Called the “Professor” by the employees, Riccardo is Grazia’s Master Painter for the last 10 years. A lover of art and history, he is known for the richness of the design, the execution of faces and figurines and the ability to take existing traditional patterns and transcribe them for modern day usage in the home. With his incredible memory and knowledge, Riccardo is the faithful keeper of Grazia’s artistic history.
Sara Cassetta
Sara Cassetta
Sara “The Painter” joined our family in 1996. A self-taught painter with a genetic, natural talent and keen eye, Sara is known for her skilled and steady hand. Her strength is the precision and accuracy of her painting and the meticulous attention to every detail. Sara’s talent and pride in her work is reflected in every Grazia piece she paints.
Sara Chiucchiù
Sara Chiucchiù
Sara is Grazia’s painting room problem solver with her can-do personality. In addition to being an expert painter, Sara is the keeper of Grazia’s pigment formulas and prepares and mixes the “famous” Grazia colors, which enhance every piece.
Valdemaro Angeletti
Valdemaro Angeletti
Since 1990, Valdemaro’s skilful hands have moulded and shaped the clay into the graceful shapes we expect from Grazia products. He’s a pro at glazing, an essential step of the production process, during which only a “sensitive” eye can catch the right thickness of coating.

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