Project Description

The classic Deruta Renaissance Pattern



The name of this Renaissance pattern, which is one of the most classic in Deruta, comes directly from Raffaello. Raffaello and Pinturicchio brought the patterns known as “grottesche” or “raffaellesche”, representing imaginary figures, often women with animals’ bodies, from the mural paintings at the Domus Aurea (Nerone’s villa), back to popularity.

At the end of the 16th century, ceramists borrowed these patterns from the paintings. In the following century the grottesche became modified into a compact quick stroke style known as “compendiario” which is produced today.

In ceramics the grottesque are used to decorate the borders of plates, usually as an outline for human figures that occupy the central part of the plate. Other patterns have been derived from this design and can be seen in the showroom