Pottery Workshop

Pottery Workshop

Grazia Maioliche Artistiche offers Pottery workshop who want to know more about the painting on majolica. Our goal is to teach the main techniques of decoration, as:

  • “Spolvero” or “pounce” technique used for transferring an image from one surface to another (common technique used for centuries);
  • • the making of the border, using a very fine paint brush to carefully follow the outline;
  • the painting of the object in the traditional Deruta designs.

It’s possible to paint a tile or a plate, we will provide students with the brushes set.

If requested it’s possible to learn glazing and spraying glass varnish techniques.

The classes will take place from 9,00 am until 18,00 pm..

It’s possible to attend a minimum of 4 until a maximum of 8 hours.

2 participants min./ 8 max admitted.

Certificate of attendance will be released.

Attendance quote: 20,00 euro per hour.

Timetable of the classes: May: Thursday 26th – June: Thursday 16th, Friday 24th, Thursday 30th

Special event June 4th and 5th: intensive lessons of Raku Ceramics. Attendance quote: 250,00 euro;

kit: 15,00 euro

Contacts: ubaldograzia@ubaldograzia.com

Tel. +39 075 9710201

Download here pdf

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